50 Catchy and Creative Names for Learning Management Systems

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Naming and branding an enterprise’s Learning Management System, is a significant step in helping to realize the value in the technology and resources invested into a platform. It helps creating a lasting impression and can help drive engagement with learning content, supporting talent and development outcomes for teams. Learning managers are often hard pressed when it comes to finding creative names for learning management systems, here are our top picks for LMS names.

50 Creative Names for Learning Management Systems

Devising creative names for your learning can be difficult, but that shouldn’t relegate leaders to using over done names or simply calling their system LMS or Learning Portal. Here is our list of creative and unique names for a LMS, some of which include annotations for clarity and to help express the concept proposed:


  2. EDICINE – a play of multiple words like Medicine, Education, and Edison
  3. HOUS – named after a brilliant and unorthodox physician
  4. D.N.E – Development Network for Education
  5. HealthAMP– healthcare amplified


  2. CAP ED – a play on Cap Ex
  3. TACT – transactional learning platform
  4. TradeED – Trading education learning system
  5. DEAL – align learning to making deals


  1. RALLY
  2. DRIVE
  3. SPEED
  4. SAFE
  5. SPARX

Tech Startups

  1. BLINK
  4. RockED


  1. U Factor – putting people at the difference of government services
  2. CIV.ED –  civil and education
  3. EDVANTAGE – education and advantage
  4. SHIELD – platform for compliance and regulatory training
  5. Qlik2Learn – a play on the phrase quick to learn

Professional Associations

  1. REACH – learning and development for member care and sales associates
  2. INFLUENT – industry fluency learning platform
  3. InPath – learning and development curriculum for industries
  5. FUSE

Professional Services

  1. CrushIT
  2. PROpel – propelling professionals
  3. Road U – mobile and on the road learning for consultants
  4. EDGILE – a combination of agile and education
  5. JITT – Just in Time Traing


  1. APEX – promoting learning as helping to achieve career defining performance
  2. EDGE – creating the narrative that learning and development will give team an edge
  3. VAULT – create a sense of value and prominence for learning
  4. Edvisor – training and learning for financial advisors
  5. FLEX – focused learning education & eXperiences

Construction and Property Management

  2. BEAM
  4. FutureFIT – the opposite of retrofitting


  2. HI-WAY
  4. PATH
  5. EDU Lane


Benefits of creative names for learning management systems

We believe in the power of names and branding,  here are some great reasons why a great name matters for an LMS:

  1. Participant awareness -having a creative and catch LMS name can help your target audience become aware of your learning vision
  2. Expresses the value organizations place in their people – a well named LMS should emphasis the outcomes and benefits for participants rather than a descriptor about courses
  3. Helps training participants rely on the tool – a strong name can create confidence in your learning platform
  4. Increase culture and morale – expressing creativity can help inspire other team members to apply a fresh perspective to their own work and collegial relationships


Get 20 More Creative LMS Names for your Industry

Puppet master logo with LMS names

From the award winning producer’s of LMS Part 1

The learning and development function is a crucial part of every growing industry. We recognize that the list above is not exhaustive but we recognize the need to have a unique and creative LMS brand. Reserve your own LMS NAME today and we’ll remove the name from the main list and give you exclusive access to our Learning Management newsletter. Tell us about your LMS project and the industry you are serving and we’ll come up with other names for your platform tailored for your vertical!

Names already used by other organizations

  1. Saba
  2. Coursewear
  3. UDemy
  4. Totara
  5. High Performance Workforce


The Strategic Value of an LMS

A well branded and named LMS platform is one of many steps to ensuring your learning platform is well positioned to serve and accelerate team performance. The most important assets to any organization is its people, having an LMS is a clear expression of that priority. Often times elearning corporate training is relegated to compliance and check-off the box learning. Mindfield’s vision is to see organizations lead with their eLearning to equip, empower, and engage every person in their organization. Mindfield Consulting has been delivering eLearning development for decades and helps organizations meet their most pressing challenges and opportunities with the right people and technology. The difference Mindfield offers is the ability to business case, delivery, and operationalize a  strategic vision enabled by technology.

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