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Adobe announced that they will STOP SUPPORTING the Flash Player plug-in BY THE END OF 2020.


Some browser producers HAVE DISABLED the Flash plug-in by default even EARLIER THAN 2020.


Flash will be officialy discontinued by Adobe and removed from all browsers. Your Flash-based courses will NO LONGER WORK.


Flash course to WBT pages

Restore functionality to your Flash courses by converting to HTML5

Flash course to WBT pages

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Flash design to HTML5 design

Transform and give second life to your Flash design mock-ups

Flash videos to HTML5 videos

Flash animation and motion content can now be restored

Actionscript to JavaScript

Convert legacy Flash Actionscript to modern cross-browser compatible JavaScript

Auditing to flash video issues

Courses not marked as completed, users frustrated, we got you with a course audit to pinpoint your legacy Flash issues



We identify key elements of the project, leverage your strengths, and address gaps to pave for success.

Scope and Objectives

Together we determine measures of success and what our role is.

High-level optimal design

We create an effective design that meets your schedule and resourcing needs

Market analysis

Our proposal is informed by what customers and stakeholders actually want.

Review and Revise

We constructively share and improve your project based on your feedback.


We think through the most efficient and effective ways to get your project out to your audience.


Backed by our value warranty, we ensure you are prepared and happy with the end result.

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