Kronos Time Clock Solution

Use Basic Hardware
Unlock Massive Savings

Proven software to enable any PC device and barcode reader to capture time and attendance. Successfully deployed across 180 store locations realizing multi-million dollar savings. The Kronos system only supports a limited number of time clocks and biometric input systems. Using Mindfield’s proven adapter technology we’ve helped retailers unlock flexibility and cost control with a native Kronos API adapter.

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Scale and Efficiency


Lean Store Deployment

No matter the number of locations from 25 to 1000+ retail stores. Our time clock adapter can help stores deploy punch-in and biometric time clocks at a rapid pace.

80% Cost Reduction

We'll say it again. Our technology allows retailers to virtually eliminate the cost of obstructive biometric and time clock hardware leading to savings of approximately 80% per time clock deployed.

Windows Compatible

The adapter transforms any Windows based PC device and barcode reader into a time clock. Enabling unprecedented flexibility in device choices and impressive savings.

Service Oriented

Our technology is backed by a service oriented team with the capability to deploy into a vast number of technology and hardware environments. Mindfield delivers craft by deploying quality technology and service to ensure launch and sites are operating effectively.

Viable Backup Strategy

Our solution and pairing with alternative hardware vendors like Unitech is so effective, retailers can now have back-up punch in solutions in place at each store. Reducing the complexity and time delays for replacing Kronos punch-in clocks - at a fraction of the price.

Freedom of Choice

With over a thousand different types of time clocks, why limit your retail operations to simply one brand. Adapt and quickly utilize leading biometric or efficient time clock technologies.

Used by over 100 Retail Locations Across North America

How it Works

Mindfield will work with your team to deploy our patented software that utilizes native Kronos API, selection of bar code reader, and printing of bar cade badges. Our software allows retailers or any organization tracking time and attendance by leveraging any PC device and barcode reader, transforming them into a nimble and effective time tracking solution. An ideal for brands and organizations with over 25 sites.

Ready for Launch from 4 Weeks Up

  • Hardware Assessment
  • Complete Software Assessment
  • Confirm Site Deployment
  • Deploy and Configure at Test Site
  • Full Retail Roll Out

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