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We're here to empower leaders to deliver on the potential of technology and people. Mindfield provides strategic technology advisory from business case to execution. We've helped orgnaization develop world leading and record breaking technology teams that propel our clients into visionaries.

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Professional Engineers of New Foundland

Mindfield was engaged to develop a tactical digital strategy for it's membership experience platforms from communications to learning. Mindfield delivered a business case that would result in a 400x ROI based on cost of advisory services.

Vitrium Security systems

Mindfield was engaged to lead an agile culture and tool adoption initiative. This initiatve focused on wider and more discipled approach to agile delivery giving visibility to business on product feature availability and resource utilization. Further Mindfield was able to identify opportunities in the marketplace that accelerated their feature schedule by 6 months while also saving tens of thousands of dollars on developmeny by identifying a third-pary product to leverage. Mindfield delivered an 80% ROI not including the efficiencies gained in enhancing their agile toolset.
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Mindfield served as Chief Architect and Technology Director, helping to establish a foundation to deliver global IT Capability and it's inventive ramp out model. Further Mindfield assisted Nexii in a critical juncture helping to fill a void in IT leadership during it's most significant scale up period from creating repeatable identity and access controls and bringing connectivity to off-grid facilities. Mindfield delivered key advisory to enable our client's flagship manufacturing centre and make progress towards it's critical path as a result of expertise and relationships in the telecom industry.
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