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Mindfield has helped clients convert spreadsheet code to modern technologies generating over one billion dollars globally.

Customer Review

Assigned team member(s) had an abundance of knowledge in all areas of IT from network/technical support, infrastructure, web security, programming, and database management. With a clear understanding of dependencies across all aspects of IT and even of the business allows for excellent project management and architectural planning when designing and implementing systems that solve real business problems.

I would highly recommend Mindfield Consulting for your IT projects.


Carmen Jung


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Problem diagnosis

We help teams identify the problem when it comes to errors, security, performance, or safe guarding corporate IP.

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Performance tuning

We help optimize your data processing capabilities for reduced wait times and high capacity for processing more data than ever before.

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Application Design

Reimagine your VBA system as a modern and responsive web app. These are the seeds of disruptive innovation for ecosystems of business.

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Performance Auditing

Finding the bottle-necks at every stack of the execution chain, means processing and moving faster when it comes to data.

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Product Strategy

We help fill in the chasm between an Excel VBA paradigm to a modern web  & mobile user-centric experience.

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Spreadsheet Valuation

Helping ascertain value and code quality around every nook and cranny in the Excel business you’re about to purchase.


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A monitor, a mobile phone, and a table pc that show Telepharmacy application
A monitor, a mobile phone, and a table pc that show Fright Rags application

Why Mindfield?

Mindfield has over 20 years of experience delivering mission critical technology our work is designed, developed, built, and tested in the great white north. We provide meaningful work opportunities to remote communities and emerging leaders in technology. Whether we work together or otherwise, we strive to always point our clients to their north star.

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Delivering mission critical technologies for over 20 years

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