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Mission Critical

Leading clients in their most critical moments of inception and evolution. Delivering large-scale initiatives that achieve apex performance, community impact, and reshaping the fabric of a company's fundamentals.

The majority of our work deals with mission-critical initiatives like developing an MVP for start-ups to scaling Wheaton Precious Metal’s expert systems to deliver 4x in revenue.

Uncommon Ingenuity

Clients trust Mindfield to consolidate and augment departments and project streams. We're the team that thrives on seeing clients get more from what they're already working with.

How do we deliver distributed content without violating cross-site-scripting security measures? Ensure banking point of sales is operational round the clock without a reliable internet connection in the harsh climate of Northern Canada? These are just some of the hurdles we hop in and out of for our clients. Bringing our uncommon ingenuity into our clients’ everyday.

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Geo Equality

Our distributed team brings the best across Canada to our clients. Communities become more resilient without creating additional pressure on urban centers.

Mindfield has delivered major initiatives with experts from big cities to small towns.  Nikunj worked with us out of Regina to help a Food Banking client verify a national donation system. Manon helped us tackle complex database stored procedures from the comfort of her small community on the Sunshine Coast. These are just some of many stories where Mindfield has been embracing expertise across Canada in communities large and small.


To see Mindfield's enterprise-grade solutions powering organizations in every country, helping them thrive so they can contribute positively to their communities.


Be nice. Be responsible. Make things better than they were. Never stop learning. Rise above adversity and deal with the unexpected. Make yourselves useful and give your best. Finally, don't forget to take care of yourself, and if you can, someone else too.

Defining Moments for Executives

We launch executives by delivering unprecedented transformation and outcomes. Our expertise has brought critical teams and departments together in lightning fashion.

During our tenure, we’ve helped launch Directors and CXOs into their offices and establish their foundational mandates. From delivering world-class tolling technology to bolstering Vice Presidents of Technology with an enterprise initiative remediation. Corporate leaders count on Mindfield to launch and sustain their track records.

Defining Moments for Executives
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Tech EmpowHERment - We empower females in technology adapting our development process and providing opportunities

Mindfield is pleased to have supported females and minorities in developing professionally. We’ve helped unlikely demographics succeed in technology from developing technical skills to managing and coordinating their own teams.

Shaping Cutting Edge Trajectory

Whethere ushering in unprecedented change within design and green building technology, to delivering social impact we are the trusted advisors that continues to be counted on when leaders seek monumental changes and shifts in their industry.

Mindfield has helped companies deliver breakthrough technology in established industries. From upending the accounting compilation marketing to delivering a cohesive enterprise architecture and PMO in helping save the planet through the reduction of construction materials and disposed waste.

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Matt Russell

Matt Russell

Enterprise IT Solutions

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Abraham Lim


Stanley Ly - VICE PRESIDENT Marketing/Talent

Stanley Ly


Two Decades of Expertise

Mindfield's journey started in the mainframe era where software and hardware related more to experimental versus the fundamental. Our team members built systems, networks, and data centers seemingly from scratch offering a deep insight and ability to wade through noise. This led to an advisory practice that is embued with technical depth and ability to navigate the cyclicality that is inherent. Technology has never been faster and ubiquitous but very few things are entirely new under the sun. With Mindfield clients get the strategic advice reinforced
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