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Learn2Action is a platform that helps SaaS and professional service organizations monetize their training content by driving user acquisition and up-sell metrics. Automate your platform acquisition using a proven marketing solution.

Educate Prospects into Customers

Learn2Action is Mindfield proprietary and SCORM 1.2 compliant platform that allows SaaS companies to market using training content. Providing a user experience that allows prospects to focus in on the most important features to them. 


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Call to Action Features


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Customizable and Scalable


Learning Progression

Powering Each Stage of Product Development

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Ready for Launch

Increase sign-ups and pre-registrations prior to launch day. Allow users to see the golden path and  the most impactful features of your application before launch.

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Fact Based Roadmapping

Get certainty built into your roadmap by quickly prototyping and testing features. Forecast demand for new functions based on user interest and engagement in the learning catalogue.

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Just In Time Retention

Ensure your users get exposure and training on your golden path features. Manage at risk accounts by delivering micro-training and product features. Bite sized and punchy perfect for commutes or the after hours routine.

How it Works

Education marketing utilizes training content to provide knowledge and training to prospects. It allows a visitor to get to know your product without needing to wait for demos while allowing SaaS providers to up-sell new features ahead of launch. Once a training is completed call to actions and email reminders become a powerful combination into empowering prospects into customers.

It takes time to develop quality training for your product that reaches the right audience. Mindfield offers clients the convenience to design and utilize the latest online learning methods to create compelling and just-in-time learning for your prospects. Our winning combination of platform and content delivery allows our partners to accelerate their results utilizing our very own eLearning Consultants.

We work with your team to effectively redeploy training content for user acquisition or up sell.

  1. Identify key features to promote
  2. Redeploy or create content
  3. Distribute content online using Learn 2 Action
  4. Setup call to actions for each training
  5. Track and measure engagement metrics

In as little as a month, you can begin bringing in clients to your application and know which features fly or flop.

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