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Why Custom Software and Integration

Packaged solution is great until it isn't. Property know-how and IP shouldn't be canned because it's cheaper or simpler. Custom software is a multiplier to proprietary process and secret sauce know-how. Today the largest market cap fortune 10 organization is distinguished by their custom software.

From Legacy to Legendary

Legacy technology we've worked with:
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Old to new technology
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Done Before You Can Say API

Our team specializes in helping systems talk to each other. We excel at ensuring data is in transit so that it can be processed and used effectively. Life is too short to have overstressed and saddled team members copy and paste more data.

Strategic Systems Development

Our team helps develop systems that represent the strategic nature of their business. We safeguard IP and work only with Canadian resources where we can hold teams accountable. Mindfield is also able to help provide SR&ED services to recuperate costs.
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Outsourced R&D

Our team marries experience, instinct, and technical curiosity to create viable and primetime relevant technologies. From predicting stock outages to teaching a robot to read contracts, Mindfield turns conceptual into missional technology.

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