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Articulate Storyline Developer Canada
Featured modern driving scenes and compliant driver education within provincial jurisdiction.
Articulate Storyline Developer Canada
Technical development of elearning course for on demand driver education course in Ontario.
Articulate Storyline Developer Canada
Consolidation of PDF and varied resources into one single eLearning course, featuring a custom career plan board that is generated at completion.
Articulate Storyline Developer Canada
Interactive content that helps participants engage and reflect meaningfully and encouraging peer and mentor support.
Articulate Storyline Developer Canada
We made insurance exciting and punchy. Concise and to the point on-boarding with vibrant energy and narratives from the people as part of an unparalleled on-boarding experience.
Articulate Storyline Developer Canada
We helped tell the client story, and the people carried it with them into their day-to-day work. Connecting what they do today with the rich history that has lead them since.
Articulate Storyline Developer Canada
Corporate education, from mundane to momentous.
Articulate Storyline Developer Canada
Modern Articulate course design with the latest branding, graphic, and iconography.


Course Design

Our designers work with you to find the right story and learning outcomes to deliver, with emphasis on being inventive, impactful, and action-oriented learning.

Course Development

We take our clients end-to-end, using over two decades of experience to create courses that are engineered for security, performance, and functionality.

Articulate Storyline Translation

We help add diversity and multi-lingual content to courses.

Flash to HTML5 Conversion

We expedite and carefully craft content transition from Flash to HTML5.

Paper-Based Course Redesign

We help imagine onboarding, seminars, and learning experiences from yesterday to tomorrow.

Course Testing

We help diagnose and fix issues like flash incompatibility, performance, integration, and just any bug that shows up with Articulate Storyline.

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Elearning Developer Vancouver 20 Years Experience
Elearning Developer Vancouver 20 Years Experience
Elearning Developer Vancouver 20 Years Experience

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