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Scale your Team

Get Expert Help Fast

Our team can come in to complement your existing team or help you build out an entire learning department. Don’t let a lack of hands keep your team from getting the best learning experience

Revitalize your Content

Refresh legacy content

As organizations continue to grow and learn, eLearning content often expires and loses its’ relevancy to team members. Incorporate the latest insights into your training content and empower your people to perform at a whole new level.

Timely Support to Launch

Deliver just in time training

Whether you are launching a new product or need to arm your sales team with the best training, our team of elearning developers (Vancouver) can help you make the drop date.

How we Create Inspired Learning

A proven approach to eLearning development

Learning Agility

Our training engages people to use the skills they learn to help focus on what really matters. Our courses blur the lines between the effectiveness of live training and the scale of digital learning.

Tactical Execution

Once a project is complete, we provide everything you need to operate and scale up your new technology. This gives our clients the confidence to lead rather than lean on us for support.

Training that Delights

We’ve taken corporate courses and have experienced first-hand how mechanical they can be. Mindfield uses the insights from our experiences with participants to deliver timely and engaging eLearning for corporate training.

Technology Experts

A common challenge in the learning industry is that elearning consultants often struggle with customizing course content. Our team of technical experts have experience deploying mission critical technologies and teams. We welcome the challenge of customizing eLearning courses.

Our Experience

Delivering inspired learning technologies for over 20 years

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