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IT Strategy

Create a planned and disciplined IT roadmap to help scale and derisk your organization’s path to growth.

Business Continuity

Cross the high wire with a safety net. Mindfield’s team helps global clients operate with 24×7 stability and 99.99% uptime for their business. Finding the balance between managing data recoverability and cost.

Cloud Services

Organizations are finding the right mix of cloud and on-premise deployment netting out to significant operational savings and reducing complexity.

Hosted Environment

We take the tiresome work out of running online platforms. Our managed service plans help focus your team on what’s really important while playing Mindfield’s strengths.

Network Security

Organizations have never been more susceptible to data breaches and cyber security incidents. Mindfield helps harden, defense in layer, and moat fortifications for your digital or wired networks.

Project Management

Bring it home in scope, on time, and on budget. All of our projects begin with a curated risk mitigation analysis. This makes for a predictable and precise experience.

Why MINDFIELD to outsource IT Support


The buck stops here. If something is wrong we take ownership and navigate across teams to get to the bottom.


We use project management tools, so you know what we are working on and when you’ll get your task completed.


We are upfront about roadblocks challenges and mistakes. This leads to better service overall.

IT Support Office


Our team is committed to continuous learning and being as useful as possible to our clients.

Single Point of Contact

We avoid bouncing clients between team members or departments. You talk to one person to get it done.

Quick Turnaround

We work fast and with a team of professionals across 3 timezones, you’ll get the response no matter what time it is.

Side of the Desk IT

  • No central view into outstanding tickets or user requests
  • Access and assets are assigned lovingly and painstakingly each time
  • The guy you call to fix your printer or to restart your computer
  • Timid about innovation and exploring new ways
  • Reactive vs proactive in making things more efficient and effective

Managed IT Services

  • Comprehensive view to see where each user request is at increasing service quality
  • Defined security roles and access for consistency and avoidance of data exposure
  • The guy or gal you trust to find better ways to do things
  • Knows where the cost savings and opportunities are to help leaders sleep better
  • Curated technology roadmap, there is an IT evolution plan

Customer Review

Assigned team member(s) had an abundance of knowledge in all areas of IT from network/technical support, infrastructure, web security, programming, and database management. With a clear understanding of dependencies across all aspects of IT and even of the business allows for excellent project management and architectural planning when designing and implementing systems that solve real business problems. I would highly recommend Mindfield Consulting for your IT projects.
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