Glaciers floating ocean

Case Study: The North West Company

Using an agile approach to devise and roll out a new time and attendance system – deployed across a retailer serving some of the most geographically diverse markets on the planet.

Case Study: Wheaton Precious Metals

Implementing a standardized trading system for the largest silver and gold streaming company in the world.

Silver and gold coins on a wooden table
White and red car light lines at a curvy road

Case Study: TI Corp

Implementing an intelligent transportation system – complete with a state of the art tolling and ERP infrastructure – for one of Canada’s busiest traffic corridors.

Case Study: District of Squamish

Auditing, updating, and modernizing the District of Squamish’s local network and metropolitan infrastructure to improve safety, efficiency, and quality of life for thousands of residents.

Tree, mountains, and Suspension bridge at Squamish
A bus running on Port Mann Bridge

Case Study: Port Mann Project

Assessing, reviewing, and optimizing the efficiency and safety of the software used to build a civil engineering megaproject.