Moodle Development Services in Markham, ON

Deployment and Enhancement

Our Moodle LMS development services includes installation, configuration, enhancements, and setup

Data Analytics and Reporting

Track user progress, participation rates, and other metrics. This help educators to take informed decision


Payments and enrollments can be managed seamlessly thru eCommerce system integration

Security Enhancement

Enhance LMS data security our security enhancement services like data encryption, user authenticationa, and regular security audits to protect sensitive data

Moodle Themes Development

Enhance the eLearning platform's user experience and make it more engaging for learners

Moodle Hosting

Our Moodle hosting services includes fast set up, unlimited users, single dedicated secure server, and daily backup etc.

Moodle Customization

To align with the specific requrements, feature enhancements, user experience imporovements, custom analytics and reportings

Course Development

eLearning courses creation, organization, optimization, content integration, assessment, interactive elements, testing for engaging learning experince

Plugin Development

Moodle has wide range of plugins to add new feature to LMS. Plugins can be developed to meet desired requirements
expert Moodle development services in Markham
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Why Mindfield Consulting for Moodle Development Services

Mindfield Consulting is the top choice for Moodle development services. Partnering with us ensures a Moodle platform that meets your current requirements and paves the way for future growth and success in the realm of e-learning. Below is why?

  • Pioneers in Cross-Industry Learning Standards
  • Expertise in small and enterprise scale
  • Customization and Scalability
  • Compliance Assurance
  • Continuous Engagement
  • Comprehensive Support
  • Client-Centric Approach
  • Innovation and Adaptability
  • Proven Results
  • Passion for Learning
  • Transparent Communication
  • Global Reach

Mindfield Moodle Methodology (M3)

Our engagement process is quick, pain-free, and flexible in scope

Why clients work with Mindfield

They play a pivotal role in helping us delight our clients, providing valuable guidance, forefront thinking, and creative, sustainable solutions - simply - honest and excellent work.
Eileen Kirk, Planet SHIFT
Since Mindfield was involved I’ve been able to sleep easier at night because I know they have it handled.
Tara, Green Education
Moodle Question Bank Issues
Moodle Question Bank Issues
Managing question banks in Moodle can be a challenging endeavor fraught with several pressure points for users. From difficulties in organizing and categorizing questions to issues with importing and exporting, users often find themselves grappling with the platform’s limitations. The process of creating, editing, and assessing questions can be hindered by clunky interfaces, limited functionalities,...
Strategies to Reset a Course for Cohort or Refresher Training/Certification
Strategies to Reset a Course for Cohort or Refresher Training/Certification
Effective management of course completions in Moodle is essential, especially in environments requiring regular training updates or certification renewals. It’s understandable that trying to find a method to reset course completion and archive can be frustrating in Moodle. This article explores comprehensive strategies for resetting course completions, including the importance of archiving completed courses for...
Migrate from Google Classroom to Moodle
Migrate from Google Classroom to Moodle
As technology evolves with time, requirements change, institutions and organizations search for robust e-learning solutions and Moodle comes out as a top contender. This article explores the enhanced customization and flexibility to superior data control and privacy, Moodle offers a comprehensive package that adapts to diverse educational needs and exceeds the basic functionalities provided by...
H5P Not Working on Moodle App
H5P Not Working on Moodle App
H5P is a powerful tool that enables the creation of interactive content such as videos, quizzes, and presentations, enriching the learning experience within Moodle, a widely used learning management system. Its ability to engage students actively makes it an essential component of modern educational methodologies, facilitating dynamic and effective learning experiences. However, despite its benefits,...