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JIRA Consulting for Agile Teams

Mindfield  enables organizations to unlock the potential of Jira, so teams deliver work in an agile, repeatable, and effective way at every step of a project.

We craft the right balance between workflow design and behavioural change so every member of your team can make an impact. This leads to an organization that is truly customer centric, at every step.


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Workflow Benchmarking

Defining and acquiring true benchmarks

We measure the speed, accuracy, and sustainability of your delivery and operations efforts. Together with your leadership we help plan for the levels of services and create a road map towards customer-centric delivery.

Workflow Enhancement

Team, meet customer-centric

Build on the shoulders of giants. We utilize industry leading practice and incorporate your team’s strengths to push the envelope even further. Allowing your team to be propelled by JIRA to deliver customer value at scale.

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Culture & Process Enrichment

Zero to agile

We’ve helped clients build software and create entire technology departments from scratch to operationalize it. Mindfield’s key differentiator is helping people become imbued with customer-centricity, paving the way for your teams to deliver career defining work.

Mindfield Difference with JIRA

Simplifying the management of development and operations

Our experts deliver the best digital quality such as the project with pizde.

Project & Operations Clarity

Answer the 5W’s easily and reliably with JIRA’s workflow tracking and reporting capabilities. Keep things moving and stakeholders in the loop at every step of the way.

Built for Agile teams

JIRA is the application trusted by organization looking to become customer centric through agile. We tailor your deployment of JIRA so that your team doesn’t just have all the bells and whistles of an agile team. We empower people and align behaviours so they collaborate as high performance teams.

Ship & Serve with Confidence

Track, manage, and close issues lightening fast. We get JIRA working around your team rather than having people work around the tool. Mindfield optimizes JIRA workflow so that your team can deliver faster.

Industry Agnostic

JIRA is used by teams across industries to delivery phenomenal products, projects, and services. Mindfield utilizes its’ industry insights to take the guess work out of using the tool and helping our clients become industry leading organizations.

Our Experience

Delivering mission critical technologies for over 20 years

Proven JIRA Consulting for Mission Critical Teams