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Omni-Screen Software Development

Our team of experienced desktop and cloud developers have gone the distance. Whether it’s desktop, web, mobile, or cloud applications, it’s been done. From designing global systems to  software that works in the harshest and most remote locations on Earth. Your technology is in the right hands at Mindfield. We’re committed to top notch technology with a refreshing emphasis on scope, and project timelines all done in Canada.

Ideated, Designed, Built in Toronto Canada


Mobile Application


Cloud Application


E-Commerce and Sales Tech


Desktop Application


Reports & Telemetry


Systems Integration


Application Hosting


Product Development


Performance Tuning

Why Clients Work with Mindfield

“…they are service rather than sales focused, always wanting to provide value rather than increase their billings. They are friendly and flexible and generally a pleasure to deal with. I would not hesitate recommending them.”

-Matt R.

We help leaders focus on what counts. Our clients have challenging missions and operate in complex industries. Our key differentiator is that we understand how to run organizations while using technology as a competitive differentiator.

We let design and business outcomes lead technology, not the other way around. Mindfield has continually moved the threshold of what technology can do for organizations. Our team is proud to empower designers, leaders, and visionaries execute complex strategies using unboxed technical solutions.

Clients trust Mindfield with managing the execution of high risk and complex projects so that investments deliver BIG outcomes. We empower organizations to go further then they’ve ever gone before because of our crucial focus on delivering outcomes rather than simply technology.

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