Wordpress Development


WordPress Site Migration

Migration of hard coded HTML/CSS websites to WordPress with minimal hassle and mobile responsiveness. Moving from static web files to WordPress means conveniently updating your website without a developer’s help. Moving from Square Space or Wix is just as easy.

Site Security Auditing & Hardening

We help detect vulnerabilities in your WordPress site and deploy defenses to help stop intruders. Mindfield has experience guarding against seizure by bot networks and other malicious attack vectors.

Wordpress Powered eCommerce

WooCommerce is the gold standard of ecommerce for WordPress. We help set up products, catalogues, and a frictionless checkout experience. with all the right integrations and fixings to save you from needing to do unnecessary bean counting.

Ship & Serve with Confidence

Track, manage, and close issues lightning fast. We get JIRA working around your team rather than having people work around the tool. Mindfield optimizes JIRA workflow so that your team can deliver faster.

Theme Customization

Looks immaculate across desktop, tablet, and mobile. our team can even help with the wording and styling of your corporate website.

Acquisition Auditing

Our team looks at functionality, code quality, security, and performance of the site before you buy.



We identify key elements of the project, leverage your strengths, and address gaps to pave for success.

Scope and Objectives

Together we determine measures of success and what our role is.

High-level optimal design

For clients who are interested, we work with your team to determine how effective the system will be to contribute to key areas of your team either by identifying cost, time, or productivity savings. This is helpful because overall if your team starts talking about time and cost saved we’re all more focused and better off.

Market analysis

Our proposal is informed by what customers and stakeholders actually want.

Review and Revise

We constructively share and improve your project based on your feedback.


We think through the most efficient and effective ways to get your project out to your audience.


Backed by our value warranty, we ensure you are prepared and happy with the end result.

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What People Rave About

I’m the director of IT at Transportation Investment Corporation, a BC Crown Corporation, and I consider Mindfield Consulting to be a valued and trusted partner.
Matt RussellBC Crown Corporation
Since Mindfield was involved I’ve been able to sleep easier at night because I know they have it handled.
Carmen JungSuccinct Solutions
To say that Mindfield Consulting is Planet SHIFT Inc.’s key strategic technology partner is an understatement. Our clients’ projects range in complexity and criticality, and the credibility of my company’s brand accelerates when Mindfield is included in the assignment. We reinvent businesses together.
Eileen KirkPlanet SHIFT


WordPress website development toronto ontario canada
New life is given and energy is unleashed by using the latest WordPress and web technologies. Just in time for a rebrand and product relaunch.
WordPress website development toronto ontario canada
Developed a refreshed website for a national food relief organization using WordPress. Served as designed and integrator of varying technologies like Google Form and email.
Articulate Storyline Developer Canada
Mindfield assisted a government agency manage cyber security threats, including a comprehensive malware cleanse on their WordPress site.
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