Navigate Each Stage of your Technology Journey

  • IT Maintenance <br data-src=

    Get reliable and consistent IT services to simplify your office management by having a key contact to manage support tickets, website, and productivity tools.

  • IT as a Builder

    IT as a Builder

    We support clients in getting apps to talk to eachother, building unique systems, and dashboards so your team stays informed even though the data lives in Excel, dataabses, or a file sitting on someone's computer.

  • IT Helping to <br data-src=

    We enable clients to lead using technology and apps by breaking out of the off the shelf and pre-packaged paradigm. We specialize in designing and building integrated, user focused, scalable, and secure systems.


  • Initial Consultation
    1. Initial Consultation

    We enjoy connecting with teams looking to make use of technology to improve how they work. Through these online or face-to-face sessions we get to know your business, spell out the big picture, and help you manage cost, schedule, and maintainability. Together we agree on a contract that details what we'll do, when, and for how much.

  • Strategic Discovery
    2. Strategic Discovery

    We help identify the problems you're trying to solve, define a simple and elegant way to meet the need. Along the way our team will come up with ideas and suggestions so run as an integrated team. This gives us a clear action plan to tackle as part of our project together. We work using demos or mock-ups so we get really specific on what needs to be done.

  • ROI /Impact Roadmap
    3. ROI /Impact Roadmap

    For clients who are interested we work with your team to determine how effective the system will be to contribute to key areas of your team either by identifying cost, time, or productivity savings. This is helpful because overall if your team starts talking about time and cost saved we're all more focused and better off.

  • Execution and Transition
    4. Execution and Transition

    We work with your team collaboratively, regularly showing casing progress, refining initial concepts into prime time ready technology or strategic advice. Our team works with your operations staff to ensure you folks are up and running or that we have the right people taking care of the nuts and bolts from a support perspective so you can do you.

Why Mindfield?

With Mindfield we radically rethink and innovate so your teams can do their best work. Our passion is delivering mission critical and proprietary technology.  When it comes to client work we only use Canadian resources to deliver consistent and quality results. Mindfield has been working in the technology industry for over 20 years and continues ot grow and make impact across communities in Canada and the US. Our team is also empowering women in technology as well as providing access to meainingful work for professionals in remote geographies.

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Customer Reviews

I’m the director of IT at Transportation Investment Corporation, a BC Crown Corporation, and I consider Mindfield Consulting to be a valued and trusted partner.

We have worked with Mindfield for many years on a whole host of software development and IT infrastructure projects, including call centre VOIP deployments and IVR development, networking, large scale fibre installation, assistance managing technical subcontractors, and supporting and mentoring both IT operations and software development teams.

In my opinion, for a small operation, their scope of knowledge, professionalism and expertise is second to none. Unlike many other service providers they are service rather than sales focused, always wanting to provide value rather than increase their billings. They are friendly and flexible and generally a pleasure to deal with. I would not hesitate recommending them.

Matt Russell
BC Crown Corporation

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