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Design & Development

Whether front-end or back-end, we take our customers to the destination being the one stop shop they work with. Single Sign On, AODA, and ERP are things we deal with daily.

your existing Store to

Start new or coming from WooCommerce, Magento, or Squaresspace. We’ve got you covered with store migration planning.

Theme and plugin

We deliver pixel and purposeful shopify sites that make use of leading marketplace apps.

Our Experience


Delivering mission critical technologies for over 20 years

Why Mindfield for shopify


Canadian quality.
No off shoring
of technical work


Adaptable not cookie cutter.


Secure by design


The convenience of having one team to work with rather than shopping around or assembling your own Crüe.

shopify Themes

Why Mindfield?

Mindfield has over 20 years of experience delivering mission critical technology our work is designed, developed, built, and tested in the great white north. We provide meaningful work opportunities to remote communities and emerging leaders in technology. Whether we work together or otherwise, we strive to always point our clients to their north star.

Customer Reviews

To say that Mindfield Consulting is Planet SHIFT Inc.’s key strategic technology partner is an understatement. Our clients’ projects range in complexity and criticality, and the credibility of my company’s brand accelerates when Mindfield is included in the assignment. We reinvent businesses together.

Eileen Kirk
Planet SHIFT

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