TI Corp

Implementing an intelligent transportation system complete with a state of the art tolling and ERP infrastructure for one of Canada’s busiest traffic corridors.

Building Bridges

Managing and tolling major traffic corridors is a huge infrastructural endeavour. It means hurdling a range of logistical and technological challenges. It means handling thousands of transactions on a daily basis. It means ensuring every single one of those transactions is accurate, efficient, and timely. For TI Corp – a small crown corporation pursuing leadership in innovative tolling and sustainable transportation – the challenge was immediate.

Controlling the Port Mann Bridge and the Highway 1 corridor’s 1.5 million daily customers – amounting to hundreds of thousands of transactions every day – TI Corp’s mission to achieve leadership in innovative, customer-centric tolling and sustainable transportation infrastructure needed vast improvements and updates to become a truly modern system.

One-on-one consultations
Building off of one-on-one consultations and strategy sessions, Mindfield and TI Corp sketched the blueprint of the project together to pave the road to success.
Multi-tiered support
With a diverse range of technical experience, Mindfield tackled a range of challenges including software and IT development, architecting team roles, and creating business cases.
Agile Delivery
Giving TI Corp the tools to become fully autonomous within 6 Months,
Mindfield focuses on long-term success – not band-aid solutions.

Rethinking Agility

Because botched software releases resulted in a number of costly defects, compromising the accuracy and efficiency of a system that needed to be smooth and simple to have any chance of working. What’s more, the cost of ongoing software development and improvements was simply too expensive.

The solution was clear: bringing the function of developing and operating the Tolling ERP software solution in-house would be the most expedient path to success. With the external vendor’s current contract winding down within a year, TI Corp connected with Mindfield Consulting Corp for a compelling and rapid solution.

Improve, enhance, implement.

Bringing the function of the Tolling ERP software’s development and operation in-house, the crumbling architecture of the external vendor’s software was rapidly dismantled and rebuilt from the ground up with Mindfield’s proven strategy.

With a rapid recruitment process lasting just 2 months, Mindfield’s consultations guided TI Corp to full and independent operation within a 6 month timeline, allowing the TI Corp team to rapidly implement new software and infrastructure best practices that improved quality and paid dividends almost immediately.

Since taking over the ERP and its infrastructure over a year ago, there have been zero botched releases and the new team has been able to fix much of the technical debt that had accrued under the previous regime. IT is now the largest division at TI Corp and based on the strength of their performance, Matt’s team is currently entrusted to expand their operations to take on new tolling facilities such as the Golden Ears Bridge and the George Massey Replacement Project.

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