Head of IT Department Job Description for Multiple Industries

A technology director is a strategic hire enabling or holding back an entire organization. With the right vision and competency of industry, the head of an IT department can help drive unparalleled efficiencies and competitive advantage in the market place. Here is a great resource to help organizational leaders make the right hire for their technology leader along with specific industry responsibilities.

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Here is a flexible template to use as part of your ideal job head of IT department resource.

Job Title

Determine the most appropriate job titles including:

-Head of IT Department
-IT Director
-Technology Director
-Systems Director
-CIO (for technology directors reporting directly to President or CEO)

Job Description

Serving as the senior technology leader reporting to [CTO/CIO/President] you will be leading [Company Name]’s technology strategy, execution, and operations. Additionally the head of the IT department will be focused on developing in-house skillsets and managing key vendor relationships. The technology director will be a champion for defining, scaling, and operating processes along with project management excellence.

Scope of Role

-Provide leadership in technology portfolio for enablement and innovation
-Manage a portfolio of technology projects to meet cost, scope, and schedule constraints
-Develop key performance indicators and SLAs in lieu of requirement of stakeholders
-Develop policies for internal IT operations to drive attainment of SLAs
-Define the enterprise architecture in conjunction with current and future requirements
-Manage and support delivery of software and hardware operations and projects
-Enable process efficiency of back office operations
-Drive innovation for front office or core business operations by recommending viable technologies
-Identify key skills and talent gaps in the organization and work to recruit, train, and retain talent
-Identify and manage external vendors in the delivery of contracted work

Industry specific responsibilities

Not all IT directors and head of technology are equal, some industries have varying requirements that should be incorporated.

Financial Services

-Oversee the selection, enhancement, and maintenance of systems for processing [wealth management, treasury, accounting, and trading platform] systems
-Provide input to PCI compliance, auditing, and risk management functions
-Experience with maintaining and decommissioning legacy systems like [DB2, COBOL, and Z Systems]


-Support the risk and privacy functions in ensuring PHI/PI compliance
-Be a champion for reusable technology and services across the health care institution
-Ensure requirements from various lines of practice (Radiology, Chronic Disease, Lab, and Diagnostic Imaging) are road mapped and delivered


-Manage and support seamless connectivity and operations of retail stores
-Be a champion for reusable technology and services across the health care institution
-Provide guidance and expertise in eCommerce, web, and mobile customer experience channels

Your Industry

If you are looking for additional insights on what would be required of a technology director, contact Mindfield Consulting for further details.

Skills and Qualifications

-Bachelor’s Degree in Programming, Computer Science, Engineering or related [industry] field
-Experience hiring, managing, and retaining a team of talent technology professionals
-6+ years’ management experience in an IT environment
-2+ years’ experience working with [key industry systems] systems
-Demonstrated experience in negotiating with business leaders to drive effectiveness of the IT department
-3 + years’Experience providing IT solutions in an [industry] environment preferred
-PMP, ITIL, SCRUM certification desirable


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