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eLearning developers are the hands on team members who polish, integrate, and the one who lands the instructional design specifications. They are a semi-technical mostly visual resource that helps bring a learning narrative to life. Tailor your own eLearning content development job description with our free resource.

Finding your eLearning Content Developer

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Mindfield Consulting provides a comprehensive eLearning developer job profile, to evaluate your candidate on key dimensions of the role. Contact Mindfield Consulting for eLearning talent assurance.

Job Title

Determine the most appropriate job titles for this role as there are a number of similar designations

-eLearning Developer

-Digital Learning Programmer

-eLearning Content Developer

Job Description

[Company] is looking for an eLearning developer with design and development expertise in [eLearning Technologies]. Experience using InDesign, Video Scribe and other tools is also an asset.

The primary responsibilities of the Content Developer is to develop training for sales and technical teams to help them succeed in their job.. This position will support content creation for multiple learning modalities (instructor-led, webinars, video, etc.), but will be primarily focused on online content creation. This role supports our Enablement Program as well as our customer training group.

The successful candidate will have passion for story telling, user experience, talent and development management.

Scope of Role

-Work with Instructional Designer to confirm course specifications and resolve gaps

-Be the champion for accessibility (AODA) and course consistency

-Utilize authoring tools like [eLearning Technology] to build eLearning courses and demonstration

-Be a leader on the team for eLearning instructional design and adult learning theory

-Create, manage, and deliver engaging training across multiple mediums and multiple learning styles

-Utilize technical and creative writing skills to engage course participants

-Integrate adult learning best practices and thought leadership into eLearning courses

-Produce eLearning courses on time and on budget and align those programs with an overall learning outcomes strategy

-Work in a fast-paced, constantly changing environment

-Address changes and feedback to course deliverables in a timely manner

-Work collaboratively with graphic design and video producers to create an impactful learning experience

-Design and deliver engaging training using various training modalities including, but not limited to: mobile, on-line, video and via other broad reach vehicles using grounded adult learning principles

-Evaluate training outcomes based on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

-Develop learning deliverables in various engaging formats (e.g., courses, games, videos, quizzes, and etc.)

Technology specific requirements

There are a number of industry leading technology platforms used for eLearning course development, organizations should customize their job description in alignment with their in-house technologies utilized which may include


-Articulate Storyline 360

-Adobe Captivate



Must Have Skills and Qualifications

-3+ years training design experience creating blended learning solutions both instructor-led and self-paced training
-3+ years process management for the training development lifecycle, from initial design through delivery and implementation (ADDIE model)
-2+ years experience with instructional design experience preferred
-2+ years experience working with instructional designers and QA staff
-Bachelor’s degree in training, instructional design, learning technologies, or related field

Preferred Skills and Qualifications

-Demonstrated experience with usability principles
-Knowledge of programming concepts and experience with Javascript of VBA
-Graphic design experience with the following Adobe products: Indesign, Illustrator, PhotoShop
-Experience in audio/narration editing

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