Abraham Lim

A Refreshing Approach to IT Transformation

I’ve had the chance to work on some incredible projects throughout my 19-year career: I’ve built cutting edge enterprise systems, worked on national networks and audited multi-billion dollar building projects.

As an IT professional who’s committed to breaking down complex systems and bringing remarkable results to my clients, that experience serves as the foundation of my business practice.

Mindfield Consulting provides expert management and advisory services for medium to large technology implementations or operations. Our years of proven leadership and success in the field give our clients confidence for our technology strategy, planning, analysis, architecture, and auditing services.


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Technology Strategy

Make impactful change

The right technology strategy can fundamentally change an organization. It can save millions in operational cost and transform customer relationships. We provide pragmatic technology strategy that is future-forward and completely actionable.

Network Implementation

Bringing people and ideas together through technology

With over two decades of network and IT experience, we know how to do networking implementation right.

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Training & E-Learning

Training the technology leaders of tomorrow.

New technology is only valuable if the team behind it is trained in its use and expert in implementing it.

The Mindfield Manifesto

A refreshing approach to IT consulting.

Break Bottlenecks

Changing the way people work is never easy. That’s why we stand by our customers and give them all the tools they need to push projects forward and inspire change within their organizations.

Tactical Execution

Once a project is complete, we provide everything you need to operate and scale up your new technology. This gives our clients the confidence to lead rather than lean on us for support.

Go Live with Confidence

If your organization is looking to improve its IT infrastructure, our iterative approach means no stone is left unturned before launching a new process. With our one-on-one consultations, you can be confident we’ll ace the deployment.

Technology Agnostic

How we interact with Technology is constantly changing. That’s why we approach each project with an agnostic view of technology. This way you get a full view of what options are available and don’t feel pigeon-holed into pre-built solutions that may not meet your needs.

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