100 LMS Names from Charities to Banks

LMS names article banner with the dictionary word brand highlighted

Organizations put down money for their Learning Systems but often pay a lot of attention to their LMS name also as it tends to define the traction and utilization of their investment. Lots of sources say don’t name your LMS platform and we tend to agree but beyond names and clever marketing tricks: a long-lasting and proven learning department is determined by the amount of relevant content, in the right format, and timing.

LMS names article banner with the dictionary word brand highlighted
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50 Buzz Building and Creative LMS Names

Another set of 50 names that does away with the common and old school management motivation poster adjectives a la Teamwork, Motivation, Ignite, and crowd snoozers like learning portal or anything with LMS in it. When learning platforms take the stage to really shake up how teams and customers interact or trying to make a dent in their industry.

Not-for-Profit Charity

  1. LEAN – helping charities manage stewardship culture by advancing learning practices and outcomes
  2. Eduvation – Connecting learning to innovative outcomes
  3. Strive – helping team members push beyond
  4. JUMP – It feels weird to put this much energy or enthusiasm into learning but if you’re confident in the content, don’t be timid about it!
  5. 401See– great LMS that are focused on helping team members discover relevant learning
  6. SERVE
  7. Needs
  8. PURPOSE -if each bite of learning isn’t directly connected to the purpose of the organization, then let’s conclude it isn’t mandatory
  9. Shine – encourage users and front-line staff to reach their best
  10. Moments – help your team see each of their roles contributing to mission moments with purpose and impact

Wealth Management

  1. KYO – know your outcomes or a play on the usual KYC
  2. Summit  – emphasizes on higher performance and teamwork
  3. Prudent – navigating bear or bullish
  4. Bionic – Help advisors navigate the growing trend of technology and human experience to investing
  5. ROI – more for upper management and an overall shift from a cost centre to value and impact learning


  1. LXP – learning experience platform
  2. Servive – reimagining mandatory versus essential learning, there’s a difference!
  3. Floored – learning meant to breathe life astound the people on the store floor
  4. ILL – Integrated Localized Learning
  5. TIP – Talent Investment Program, bridging the need for learning to better compensation at an end of a meal or evening is emphasized
  6. Bridge – an LMS and content focused on bridging staff interests with the retail business
  7. Compass – helping team members understand career possibilities and contributing to corporate development programs
  8. FLEX – Focused Learning Experience
  9. HUSTLE  – helping enable employees to become distributors or influencers to improve product placement and reach, a learning platform with content to provide product resell and demo opportunities
  10. AISLE54 – where research and development meets the retail store floor

Electric and Hydro Utilities

  1. FLow – is a scientific term of ensuring optimal engagement in the task at hand (source)
  2. Zero Out – christening an LMS with powerful outcomes like achieving a world of zero outage serves as a clear message to both content producers and consumers what it’s all about
  3. Step Up – an electric utility term that brings energy at the right voltages to serve the needs.
  4. BOLT – Better Online Learning Technology
  5. BRIGHT – a great adjective and a positive outcome that an LMS would be proud to support
  6. Renew – Utilities often have reoccurring training requirements and Renew and speaks to that routine but gives it a fresh perspective
  7. RAPIDS – a learning platform thats imbued with vibrancy, speed, and gives a sense that learning is fast and effective
  8. CRISP – a name that packs a punch of meaning with fresh and relevant
  9. Eureka – a place where insights and ideas are born, also based on the famous saying attributed to Archimedes when he was using water to prove his self-named mathematical principles, yes a little nerdy and we know it (source)
  10. DAM – Developed Aptitude and Mastery, also a fun call back to a primary mechanism in the hydro utility supply chain


Municipalities and Cities

We saw lots of growth this year in both interest and appetite for learning systems by local governments.  Here are some ideas for local governments looking to brand their learning system.

  1. Square – a place for knowledge exchange
  2. Heliopolis – the name of a Greek city known for its sunny attributes
  3. Boulevard – an approachable and inviting name highlighting a common element in most cities or towns
  4. ClockWork – learning can turn a day job into a passion, this name challenges the notion that government jobs are geared towards watching the clock run or simply business as usual
  5. Excellence as Usual – another staunch response to the status quo that speaks against a common challenge in public sector culture
  6. PARC – Professional Action-Oriented Resources and Courses
  7. Path – a great way to emphasis career orientation and progress through learning
  8.  J2C – A place for skill mastery and career development as we take folks from having a job to a career
  9. Tower – encourage employees to be the difference and change that inspires, tower over challenges and expectations
  10. Rise – learning and content that helps public service workers rise to the occasion


Property Builders

  1. Harness – a key security measure for any working at heights and a focus on safety
  2. Edtrinsic – learning content that is amusing, direct, and helps a person do better work
  3. Seal – the mark of quality and mastery, an LMS with a big person’s responsibilities
  4. Workman – helping people to focus on quality and safety
  5. Scaffold – help people see the cruciality of learning as a safeguard and base to build off of


50 More Creative Learning Management System Ideas

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Don’t see your type of industry or looking for even more inspiration for an LMS name? Take a look at an article that has helped people across the globe find their perfect learning management system name.


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